Homily for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2015

We tend to hear the call to repentance in somewhat individualistic and moralistic terms. But our Lord today in calling His first disciples is offering us something much more radical … Continue Reading →

Homily for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2015

What intrigues us about ‘quest’ stories is that the characters often discover something other than what they set off to find.  Jesus asks His first disciples, “What are you seeking?” … Continue Reading →

Homily for Epiphany 2015

Because we understand God as transcendent, it is easy to misunderstand how He manifests Himself. In the infant Jesus, as well as on the Cross of the adult Jesus, we … Continue Reading →

Homily for the Baptism of Christ, 2015

The public ministry of Christ begins with His baptism by John in the Jordan.  Already in this early event, we see the working of the Holy Trinity in the salvation … Continue Reading →

Homily for the Second Sunday After Christmas, 2015

Human words have their limitations. We speak different languages, and we mean different things by the same words. God ends the confusion engendered by Babel by sending His definitive Word … Continue Reading →

Homily for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, 2015

The Blessed Virgin Mary, who heard the Word of God and kept, became by faith the model of all believers who become Christ’s “mother and brothers and sisters.”

Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family, 2014

The ‘hidden years’ of Jesus’s life at Nazareth reveal the presence of God in the ordinariness of everyday life, and the sanctity of human experience, especially the experience of family … Continue Reading →

Homily for Christmas Day, 2014

The scriptures attest to many reasons to give glory to God. But none rival the great joy of welcoming God’s Son, the Savior, in the flesh, save for the purpose … Continue Reading →

Homily for Christmas Eve 2014

Two thousand years after the birth of the Prince of Peace, we still find our world mired in war, violence and suspicion.  Where is Christ, and how are we to … Continue Reading →

Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2014

Traditional, and even slightly non-traditional, iconography of the Annunciation helps us to understand the theological import of the meeting between the Virgin Mary and the angel Gabriel. In particular, St. … Continue Reading →