Faith in Works

This morning, I have just a quick observation on today’s gospel, in which the servant who made five talents more out of the five talents entrusted to him by the … Continue Reading →

Against the Atheists: God or Subjective Concept? (Part 2)

My second response to the atheist contention that the inescapably subjective nature of descriptions of God means that knowledge of God cannot be certain has to do with the very … Continue Reading →

Against the Atheists: God or Subjective Concept? (Part 1)

The disagreements about God’s nature among Christians–and more broadly, among those who profess a belief in God–are sometimes used as evidence that God is simply a subjective projection of the … Continue Reading →

Eyes Open?

A principal claim of the atheists during the discussion in which I participated last week is that Christians believe in God for subjective reasons. Mostly, this means that we just … Continue Reading →

Thinking Together

This past week, I participated in a series of on-line discussions between Christians and atheists. I tried it out in part because of my dissatisfaction with arguments on both sides … Continue Reading →

Faith and Evidence

This past week, I surprised myself by entering into a debate with someone over global warming. I made the perhaps imprudent comment that, from my experience, self-identifying ‘progressives’ tend to … Continue Reading →

Against the Atheists: Christopher Hitchens’ personal salvation of autonomy

“The offer of certainty, the offer of compete security, the offer of an impermeable faith that can’t give way, is an offer of something not worth having. I want to … Continue Reading →

Is There Evidence for God?

North Carolina State University recently sponsored a debate asking “Is There Evidence for God?” Debating on behalf of evidence for God was Dr. William Lane Craig, and arguing that there … Continue Reading →

Against the Atheists: Sam Harris on religion and self-critique

In this next posting at Against the Atheists, I will be responding to a talk on faith and reason by Sam Harris. The talk can be found here. A high school … Continue Reading →

Agnostic David Berlinski on science, religion, and meaning

  “No scientific theory touches on the mysteries that the religious tradition addresses. A man asking why his days are short and full of suffering is not disposed to turn … Continue Reading →