The Church as Human and Divine

In the Creed that we recite most Sundays, we profess belief in each of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity, but that is not quite all.  In addition, the … Continue Reading →

‘Lumen Gentium’: Paragraphs 1-6 and Some General Thoughts

The document Lumen Gentium is called a ‘constitution’ in its official title.  We should be cautious in interpreting this word too literally and with modern political categories in mind.  In … Continue Reading →

‘Lumen Gentium': Paragraphs 1-5 on the Mystery of the Church

(Note: This is a very long and complex document.  I highly recommend reading the text itself, found here, as we go along.  However, the translations will be my own, as … Continue Reading →

Lumen Gentium: Secundum Praeludium

Commentary on Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Prelude, again… I will be adopting a slightly different style for the remaining documents of Vatican II, choosing short sections … Continue Reading →

Vatican II on the Church: Introduction to ‘Lumen Gentium’

It is noteworthy, perhaps even a bit troubling, that the Second Vatican Council saw need to produce four constitutions, documents stating, in fullest form, primary doctrines of the Church.  These … Continue Reading →

On the Media: More Reflections on ‘Inter mirifica’

I”m running one day behind, and so will post an Oblate conference tomorrow… Writing in the New York Times in 1994, long-time movie critic Janet Maslin praised the aesthetics of … Continue Reading →

Vatican II on the Media, Part One

The second document of the Council Fathers, Inter mirifica, issued on December 4, 1963, deals with the ‘media’.  The topic presents many difficulties of translation and interpretation.  Examining these difficulties … Continue Reading →

Sacrosanctum concilium: conclusion…for now

Closing thoughts on Sacrosanctum concilium: Which document of Vatican II is the most important? I suspect that most theologians and Church historians would point to the Dogmatic Constitution on the … Continue Reading →

General Chapter

Dear Oblates and friends, Tomorrow, September 8, I will be leaving for two weeks to travel to the meeting of the General Chapter of our congregation.  This meeting of superiors … Continue Reading →

On Sacraments and the Liturgy

What is the relationship between the Church’s sacraments and the liturgy? In my experience, many assume these to be separate aspects of life as a Christian. If anything, the sacraments … Continue Reading →